Thursday, May 14, 2009

Face To The Name.

It's no secret about the big love I have for my friends (and my family, of course).

Here are some reasons both parties are particularly awesome:

1. They are extremely smart and sharp.

2. They've got wit and jokes in spades, 'cause laughter is one of the best things ever invented (besides the eyelash curler).

3. They're loyal as heck (as far as I know!)

4. They're good, solid people.

5. They're super duper talented in some way, shape or form.

Yesterday, Steph A. and I went on the hunt for an outfit for an upcoming wedding she's attending in Paris, so we stopped at the usual tried, tested and true haunts, all while dodging torrential rain between store awnings.

It was at one such store that SA spotted a tank emblazoned with a triple image of our friend Elise, an uber-talented graphic designer at a fairly big fashion brand.

Isn't she adorable?!

So now if you see this tank on someone, at least you can put a name to the face.

I'm Lovin' it: Hawaii Five-ho tomorrow!

I'm Over it: Deciding what and what not to take with me. Packing is the worst.

Track of the Day: "Easy Street" by Sean Bones. It's kinda reggae. And it's all summer.

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