Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So Not Lovin' The Real World...


I'm finally back from a (too short) vacation in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

Didja miss me?

Here are some things I noticed/realized on my trip home (it'd been two years since I'd been back):

1. Vancouver has the cleanest air in the entire world. Wiping my face with toner at the end of the day yielded barely anything on my cotton pad. Here in Los Angeles...well, basically my face gets smothered in smog every day. Brown soot does not rock at all.

2. Vancouver is one of the only places you can get beach and mountains in the same vicinity. And Whistler is just a hop, skip and a step away (okay, a maximum two and a half hour drive).

3. Vancouver men are really quite fashionable, without being too try-hard. Or maybe it's just my hometown boys who are just so dashing these days (it helps that they're either accountants, corporate lawyers, sales managers, or commercial real estate agents -- HOT!)

4. I kind of stuck out in Vancouver with my LA-style, just-below-the-knee leggings and belt-cinched, blouson-y tops. Also, the dresses over jeans with heels seemed to be a new, unchartered look for Vancouverites...but one I wore with pseudo-Angeleno pride!

5. Vancouver men are more handsome and down-to-earth than American men. Enough said there.

6. Downtown has become a whole lot bigger with more things to check out. Favorite new spots include: Republic (hip bar with the dance floor exclusively upstairs) and Gotham Steakhouse (not a new spot, but my first time there: sexy ambience, great espresso/bailey coffees, and super friendly staff..make sure to get your drink from Tina or Cameron)

7. Yaletown is still for yuppies...but I like it.

8. Vancouverites are so damn healthy, they practically glow. The term "obese" does not exist in this town.

9. Fritz off of Granville Street is still the best place to buy poutine or cones of fries with sundried tomato-pesto mayo.

10. The best place for an impromptu (or not) BBQ with friends is 1059 Homer. Yeah, Luke and Oliver rock...and so does their sweet upstairs patio.

11. Vancouver girls have an easy, breezy way about them. They're really quite gorgeous, if you ask me! Even if their summer staple wardrobe seems to mostly consist of expensive-looking tanks, expensive-looking jeans, and Havianas flip flops.

12. I love, love, love Vancouver and will never ever again let two years pass before going back. Perhaps this upcoming New Year's Eve should be spent there?? Yes, I think so.

And now, it's back to the real world...EH?!

I'm Lovin' it: I think this post said it all.

I'm Over it: Work. I'm still in vacay mode.

Artist Video of the Day: The Ok Go video for "Here It Goes Again". Four indie rockers in a choreographed dance on four moving treadmills!?! Soooo classic.


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