Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Always The Bridesmaid...

My friends have been meeting their "The One"s left and right. We're talking (drop-dead) serious relationships, engagements, stagettes, and weddings.

Well, as of now, I'm currently enjoying my bachelorette-hood. However, I would like to wear an adorable bridesmaid dress to all those the weddings.

I think this new ready-to-wear Monique Lhuillier number will do just fine.

My girls who are sporting a rock (or will be in less than a year), take note.

I'm Lovin' it: The Redoute collection by Japanese designer Tsimori Chisato. The coral bolero jacket and silk status blouse are stunning. More importantly, each are less than $50. Golden! www.us.redoute.com

I'm Over it: Bug-eyed sunglasses. People should not look like bugs or aliens at any given time.

Album of the Day: The Cure's Greatest Hits. By far the best CD I listened to on my roadtrip to Texas. Over and out.


Blogger chloe said...

Hey hun

Thanks for showing me some love. My sister's just got engaged and I'm hoping she'll tell me soon that I'm gonna be her bridesmaid...I'll have to direct her to that dress too if she does!


4:19 AM  

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