Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bubble Head

I've always been a fan of the Puff: cream puffs, Puff the Magic Dragon (though I think I may be over that one), the Powder Puff Girls, actual powder puffs (Benefit has the cutest packaging, like "Kitty Shops New York"), Puff Daddy (aka. P. Diddy, of late), and now puff silhouettes on the runway.

Now, I highly agree that these voluminous shapes are best made for slim-ettes: the Lindsay Lohans, Nicole Richies, and runway models of the world. I also agree that there is something very alluring about a puffed-sleeve jacket (think Chanel, not Nautica), puffed-sleeve dress, or puffy bubble-skirt. Which must be why they've been all over magazine editorials and catwalks recently.

Here is a look from Captain Karl at the very recent Chanel 2006 couture show in gay Paree:

Only Karl Lagerfeld can do two puffs in one design, pair it with skinny jeans and have it look so fabulous! The photo basically screams, "Romeo and Juliet does Los Angeles", non?

Being an Angeleno -- where leggings paired with flirty dresses and tunics seems to be de rigeur these days -- I have the faintest idea where the puff look fits in for me. God, methinks I need to become an A-List actress, just so I can do the red carpet in that Chanel number.

Guess this time I'm just going to have to puff, puff, and pass.

I'm Lovin' it: Beach cruisers. Have I already done this as a "Lovin' it"?? This is definitely a sign that I'm obsessed with owning one. Have fun obsessing over having one for your very own at www.beachbikes.net.

I'm Over it: All the articles on "The Devil Wears Prada" movie and book. We get it: the fashion world still loves Anna Wintour and loathes Lauren Weisenberger. Heck, I probably even dream about being Anna Wintour in my sleep!

iTunes Stream of the Day: DI.fm Deep House. Just click into the radio section of iTunes, click on the electronica genre, and scroll down to the stream. As the description states, it's "silky sexy deep house music direct from New York". And I just can't get enough of it while I work.

* photo property of fashionweekdaily.com


Blogger High Fashion Girl said...

I'm so over The Devil Wears Prada AND Anna Wintour. I don't know why everyone thinks it's okay to be a heinous bitch just because you're the editor of Vogue.

*watch this comment come back to bite me in the arse when I try to get a job at a fashion magazine, haha!*

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