Friday, July 14, 2006

Holding You For Ronson

Mark. Sam. Charlotte.

Must be nice being part of the high society, hipster Ronson clan -- the spawn of funky society swan Ann Dexter-Jones. Mark's a DJ. So is baby sister Sam (let me tell you, she is a teeny tiny thing in person!). And middle child Charlotte is a clothing designer.

With a new partnership with Japanese clothing company Sanei, C. Ronson is going high-end with the debut of the Charlotte Ronson collection. Charlotte has come a long way from her last few C. Ronson collections. The initial seasons were a bit bland -- in my humble opinion -- but this last 70s inspired collection in stripes and shiny, happy colors will take you stylishly through this Summer '06.

PS. I'm totally digging her Fall '06 collection, which is a Southwestern cowgirl theme. Lots of red, white, and blue (tan, purple, brown, and green, too)!

I'm Lovin' it: The BJ Brewery Pizookie. A serious no-no if you're trying to get svelte for bikini season or heading back home to attend an old friends-infested wedding, this is the ULTIMATE dessert. A warm, soft-baked cookie in a skillet smothered in vanilla ice cream. Warning: this will be your only meal of the day.

I'm Over it: Trying to stay svelte for the weekend. Damn straight, you bet I had that Pizookie today!

Track of the Day: "Plain As Day" by Jake Childs. This down-tempo house artist is breezing through the City of Angels on October 26th. Picture you, killer stiletto heels, a packed dance floor, a dirty martini, and Jake Childs.

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