Thursday, May 04, 2006

Desank-you Very Much

Yes, as of today I am now a year older. And wiser, I suppose. Except for the jeans I wore. They so do not go with my shoes. Quel horreur!

Onto bigger and better things. Like Desanka.

Desanka is everything feminine, girly, floaty, goddess-y, with a little bit of edge and SoCal chic rolled into one. The collections are just so gosh darn pretty, it makes me blush. Desanka Fasiska, the creative mind behind this eponymous line, was born and bred in Los Angeles and briefly dabble in NYC before heading back home to the west coast. Her line launched in 2002 and since then has steadily grown in popularity. I mean, you know you've arrive when features your designs! * comment is somewhat snarky because it's CondeNet, but also mostly true

Luckily, you can find Desanka in every it-boutique in town: Satine, Brunette, Sirens and Sailors, Tracey Ross, Beige, Blonde, Planet Blue...the list rambles on.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty.

I'm Lovin' it: My new hairstylist Don, the owner of super-cool Dej Salon in Studio City. This charming, hockey-lovin' (aw, snap!), snowboarding, surfing, Vans-wearing, ex-Xtreme sports guy is not only smoking hot (and straight, but sooooo taken unfortunately), he cuts some bad ass hair. I've wanted long, side-sweeping bangs FOREVA and Don delivered without me saying more than: "I part my hair on the side, I change my style up all the time: feathering, curling and straight, and I haven't cut my hair since December." A man that can read my mind is a man close to my heart.

I'm Over it: Having no iPod for working out. My roomie E. and I are supposed to go for a long, long run after work. I have no idea how I'm going to keep my head busy during that time. I'll talk to myself. Yeah, that's it.

Track of the Day: "For Me" by The Beard featuring Philippa Hana. Make sure you download the Martinez Cosmic rework. You'll feel like you're in some ultra-exclusive lounge somewhere in the sexiness of Manhattan.

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