Monday, March 20, 2006

Doing The "Deb"

How do I know that Rewind 1987 show I saw two Fridays ago has somehow got under my skin and seeped into my fashion sense?

Because I've been wearing my hair in a (low) side ponytail for the past two days.

Yesterday it was wavy and big. Today it's straight and sleek. Tomorrow...well, you'll just have to see!

Whoever thought 80s hair (of all things!) would make a comeback or that I'd be influenced by Tina Majorina aka. Deb from Napolean Dynamite?

Yup, I was an 80s kid fer sure. Now to find my old jelly shoes...

I'm Lovin' it: Borba Water. Yeah yeah, it tastes like arse -- especially the Skin Balance Clarifying Pomegranate flavor. It promotes "Healthy Skin From Within", but let me tell you clear skin does not come cheap. The cost is $35 for a 14 pack, but there are no carbs, no calories, no aspartame, and no sodium. A flawlessly epidermis-ed skinny minnie...wunderbar!

I'm Over it: Searching for the perfect apartment. Rental gods, puh-leeeze put me and my friends out of our misery!

Track of the Day: "Saying Sorry" by Hawthorne Heights. Because those two words are so often the hardest to say. Besides the three word phrase "I love you." For some people anyway.

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