Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Watch Dog

Watches are sexy.

The only complaint I have is that men's watch designs look way more pleasing than women's. A few year's ago I bought myself a huge silver men's style watch and have worn it nearly every day since. Haute Hippie will never go back to the dainty female timepieces! How boring.

My friend Jibba was in town during the summer before hopping a plane to Buenos Aires for a year. Before landing in La-La land, he managed to score a Nixon watch style I'd never seen before: a silver and wood number with rectangular links and face. So hot. Apparently, he got the last one in Canada, but a quick search on eBay today proved quite fruitful. Click here for Nixon's Rotolog Wood watch.

It seems watch fans are digging digitals again. These babies remind me of Bill Nye the Science guy or this nerdy boy from my high school who knew no shame in pretending to shoot imaginary Vulcans in the hallway. Here's Nixon's The Dork talking watch.

Then there's the playa-playa, smooth operating man who needs to look flush when he tries to pick up the ladies at SkyBar or The Lobby. He likes to show a bit of shine when reaching out to get a drink from the bar. Here is Nixon's The Player watch.

Another great watch line is Vestal. My company just signed them on to do their publicity, and I'm super stoked for all the great events we'll be throwing. Vestal is on par with Nixon watches -- it's all about the laidback surf and skate lifestyle. What's even cooler is all the people Vestal sponsors, from snowboarder Andreas Wiig to surfer Dion Agius to skater James Brockman. Uh, so when's the next party??

Hey ladies, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Need to go gift hunting for your man? One of these will make him a happy camper indeed.

And he'll have no excuse to be late for your next date.

I'm Lovin' it: The fact that Style.com recently featured a pair of Gucci purple high altitude crocodile peep-toe ankle strap shoes as a must-have for Spring/Summer 2006. I bought a doppelganger pair over a year ago at A.J. Wright. Only mine are chocolate brown Bongos. For $12.99.

I'm Over it: The fact that French women don't get fat. Of course Americans wouldn't be such heffers is they chain-smoked and drank wine all day, and only consumed cheese and froglegs -- I mean bread -- for dinner.

Track Classic of the Day: "Rock the Casbah" by The Clash. Sure, Will "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Smith may have sampled the track for one of his goofy songs, but ain't nothing beats the original. Love that boogie sound.

* photos credited to ebay.com and style.com


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