Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Love Short Shorts

I can't wait for springtime to come.

The Spring/Summer 2006 shows runways littered in hot little numbers outfitted with short shorts. I never thought I would ever love wearing shorts again -- being forced to wear hideous navy blue pleated bermudas during my private school days proved to be a traumatic experience -- but I took the plunge and purchased a pair of black long pair from Gossip in Paseo Colorado in Pasadena. Paired it with newly inherited magenta suede knee length boots and my much-adored off-the-shoulder 80s inspired BCBG sweater, and voila! Super sleek outfit. Huh, you say? Trust me, it's slammin'.

Breaking into the long shorts silhouette made me yearn to go even shorter. I'm thinking vacation-in-St. Barts length, not Daisy Duke. Cuffed and either mini plaid-patterned or solid, with sky-high wedges (Dolce Vita, if you can't afford Chloe), fluttery top and a smart three-quarter length summer blazer for lower temp nights. Long necklaces and tons of bangles. Nude or Galliano sailor. Anything goes really, as long as your wear it like you own it.

Moral of the blog: get yourself a pair. And that's the long and short(s) of it.

I'm Lovin' it: Property Room. It's the eBay equivalent for stolen property confiscated by the police. You can find anything from brand new, unlocked Motorola Razrs to clothing and accessories -- but don't worry, nothing's fake. So go ahead and bid for that Louis.

I'm Over it: Nicole Richie and Steve-O of Jackass fame. Yucky, yucky, yucky. Who wants to date a guy who papercuts the sides of his mouth for fun??

Track of the Day: "DOA" by The Foo Fighters. Makes me want to throw up the rock-on sign and start headbanging. Dave Grohl is the man.

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