Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Awards season is here. This means stylists are going insane trying to find the perfect dress for their A-List clients. Our office has been busy with their comings and goings, borrowing gowns and bags for the big day.

The outfit is, of course, of utmost importance since the paparazzi will be out in full force, intrusive camera lenses ready to click away. These images will be splashed on WireImage on the web, as well as every publication on the magazine rack, so looking gorgeous is a must.

Shiny hair is something only celebs, models, and socialites have the luxury of showing off 24-7. Around the clock hair teams are a godsend, especially when used in conjunction with proper mane product. Right now, I'm just loving the Urban Elements line from L'Anza. The double-team of deep cleansing shampoo and daily revitalizer conditioner gives you that glossy, healthy hair only seen in commericals. My hair no longer feels like the over-processed, over-heated haystack it once was. And it kicks the butt of Keratase any day!

Clothing, make-up and hair -- the holy trinity of each and every celebrity. God bless fashion.

I'm Lovin' it: Long necklaces slung over the shoulder. One of our clients had them styled that way for a fashion show and surprisingly, it looked absolutely amazing. Just make sure the necklace is thin and delicate or you run the risk of looking way too try-hard.

I'm Over it: Magazines harassing you with new subscription deals every single week. I've already paid to get the magazine for the entire year! There's no need for doubles, Conde Nast-y.

Male Artist of the Day: Jack Johnson. An acoustic guitar playing pro-surfer with an amazing voice, born on the shores of Hawaii? I'll take to the waves any day if it means running into him yodelling away on some remote beach.


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