Thursday, January 05, 2006

If The Shoe Fits

Happy New Year, y'all!

And there's no better way to ring in 2006 than an itty bitty trip to Main Street in Surf Town USA -- Huntington Beach -- for a little shopping blitzkrieg at The Shoe Lab.

I'd been in H.B. a dozen times before and this amazing shoe store somehow missed my (usually) en pointe fashion radar. Wherever you find shoes, accessories and clothing, you know I'm in the immediate periphery ready to pounce.

The boutique's aesthetic doesn't stray too far from its name. You walk into a white-walled, minimalistic atmosphere with opaque glass displays, allowing the shoes on display to shine rather than be swallowed by decor and other paraphenilia. Huge full-length mirrors are great for a head-to-toe perspective, but the three side-by-side ankle height mirrors near the front door are just perfect for a tootsie-only view.

Dolce Vita wedges (closed and open toes in a rainbow delight of colors), BCBG pumps with scalloped edges, Matiko metallic flats, Miss Sixty pointy toes, Diesel kicks, and definite wish-list Fornarina dark green suede slouchy Nico boots called out my name from their displays. The pink 20%-25% off signs sweetened the deal even further. Oh, and my birthday's on May 4th, folks.

Shoes, sko, souliers, schuhwaren, sapatos. Whatever language you want to call them, all I know is that a nouveau set of kickers always wipes the style slate clean for a brand new year.

I'm Lovin' it: Beth Bowley's cashmere kimono at Sugar Boutique on La Brea. The color looks as rich as a vintage Royal Jewel emerald and feels as luscious as a chocolate-covered strawberry from Godiva. I tried this on and couldn't take it off -- and not because it didn't fit. (What's with me and dark green these days?!)

I'm Over it: Brangelina vs. Vaughniston. I'm definitely Team Jolie. And I really do hope Brad's bun is in Angelina's oven. It's so unfair how damn HOT that child's going to be.

Nouveau Classic of the Day: "Precious" by Depeche Mode. Fresh off their new album "Playing The Angel", this single has been totally burning up the airwaves, as well as my car stereo. Long live these New Wave kings!

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