Saturday, November 26, 2005

Got Me a New Boyfriend...

His name is Andrew. He's 6'2. Has blonde hair and green eyes. Works with the airlines. Speaks with an adorable Kiwi accent. Dresses to perfection. Has hot friends. Is so sweet and nice. Everyone adores him.

Perfect, you say? Yes.

And gay.

Thus perpetuates the dating dilemma of every professional, well-rounded, nice, single woman in Los Angeles.

The Abbey in West Hollywood last night was too much fun, it's literally addictive. First of all, the bar itself has a dark, super sexy vibe with a great (and huge) outdoor section for smokers 'n' minglers, plus a good-sized dance floor for those who want to get down. From what I can remember, there are three bars and plenty of bartender eyecandy...except they're not really interested in you but are definitely into your gay BFF.

A straight woman going to a gay bar is a double-edged sword.

The pros: a lot of hot, stylish men in one place that're all so friendly and funny you end up making a gazillion new best buds, no creepy men all up in your grill making small talk to escape from, fun partners to dirty dance with (without feeling like a floozy), drinks and intelligent conversation minus the expectations later, no hesitation giving out your number (since it will only lead to a new shopping and gossip partner), and gorgeous men telling you how beautiful and smart you are, with absolute sincerity and no ulterior motive.

The cons: none of the hot/stylish/funny men there are into you in THAT way, you are less inclined to get bought drinks (but your gay BFF will get plenty), a lot of the guys may have a better outfit than you, and you just might have to fight off scary woman-oriented ladies trying to dance with you (at this point, seriously start grinding with your newest gay boyfriend or claim your friend-that's-a-girl is actually your girlfriend).

That being said, the pros definitely outweighed the cons last night. We may have been out till the wee hours of the morning in West Hollywood, but The Shizz and I felt loved, happy, and safe amongst our new friends.

Two of whom we're seeing again tonight.

I'm Lovin' it: Andrew, Lee, Sylvester, Patrick, Andrew #2, Alex, Jared, Adonis, and Tiy-Tiy (of course!)

I'm Over it: My morning hunger pangs. I refused to give into a fast-food stop late last night, which, by the way, I'm very proud of. I believe an omlette is in order.

Track Classic of the Day: "Lady, Hear Me Tonight" by Mojo. You can shake your groove thang to this in both the straight and gay bars.


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