Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mixed Up.

I like mixing trends. And wearing certain looks and ensembles at times surprising times of the day. I wore my light brown faux fur bolero with jeans and a leather jacket the other week and got a major ribbing from a buddy of mine, who didn't understand my outfit one bit.

This proves that for some people, it might be sight overload -- or a sign of a visual schizophrenic -- but if done right, mixing trends or eschewing the regular is just downright chic.

Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil took a shot of this gal in Paris, a gal who took the liberty of mixing uptown fur with downtown plaid in matching colors. Her plaid button up shirt echoed her crap-kicking bondage Christian Louboutin heels, vintage quilted bag and sunnies, while the silver-grey fur mimicked her grey skinny jeans. And I love how the scarf dangling from her bag seems to act like an insouciant accessory and not a necessity from the elements.

Even the rolled up magazine matches her outfit.

This is the ultimate example of a girl who looked she woke up late from a night out at Le Baron (hence the sunglasses on a cloudy day), realized she was running behind for a fashion show and threw on whatever was in her line of sight.

And it all happened to match.

Oh, to have that skill.

I'm Lovin' it: My girl Cancansoo is the queen of wearing socks with most of her outfits and doing it well, very well. While she usually wears hers with flats and looks great every time, my shorter stature -- she's 5'8 -- tends to make me prefer the look with heels. This faceless (and body-less, for that matter) lady pairs luxe-looking grey socks slouched down with open-toed heels, all under rolled up khakis. It's so quirky, like Annie Hall goes sexy. Loves!

I'm Over it: I'm falling ashamedly behind on my New Year's resolution to read one book per month. New Year's resolution list: one. Haute Hippie: zero.

Track of the Day: If I tell you what song I've been listening to on YouTube recently, you'll definitely laugh. It's an homage to back in the day, when I was all about girl power and one-hit wonder girl groups with a penchant for singing ballads. Remember Sugar Jones? Yeah, didn't think so. Enjoy.

* Photos property of Tommy Ton and are used solely for commentary purposes


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