Monday, March 01, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 RTW.

Just this weekend, I had a conversation with the wife of a friend, who works in the finance department of Burberry in Dubai.

We were discussing which labels we loved most and which fashion cities most resonated with us. For me, I boldly declared that I would choose American and Parisian brands over Italians ones any day, citing Yigal Azrouel, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Isabel Marant among my top ten.

The Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana had to go and show the Fall 2010 RTW today and make me eat my once-so-sure words.

Their newest collection is one I'll long admire for its expertly tailored jackets -- often paired with high-cut bodysuits or slight hints of a lace skip -- and for its knit dresses. I enjoyed seeing the occasional leopard print (a Dolce & Gabbana signature), and I admired the contrast between the thick fall blazers and wispy, sheer polka dot shirts and dresses. The yellow satin and black lace frock was particularly eye-catching, something I can see a either a Chloe Sevigny or Scarlett Johansson-type wear with great ease.

It's been awhile since I've sat up at attention with a Dolce & Gabbana collection.

I salute you, Domenico and Steffano.

I'm Lovin' it: Takashi Murakami and McG directing Kirsten Dunst (in a Cosplay outfit and blue wig!), lipsynching The Vapors' "Turning Japanese" while trotting all over Tokyo. Fantastic.

I'm Over it: The eery quiet that's descended upon the city. Yup, the Olympics is over and so is all the fun. It's bittersweet feeling.

Album of the Day: Love Is Not Pop, the third album from El Perro del Mar. This is an album triggered by a devastating breakup, as many albums often are, but this one from Swedish songstress Sarah Assbring is equal parts heartbreaking and beautiful -- and produced by Rasmus Hagg of Studio. The soothing synth sounds almost mask the pain, until you really listen to the lyrics. By far one of the best albums I've listened to going well into 2010.

* Photos property of, El Perro del Mar, and are used solely for commentary purposes


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