Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Winter 2010 Olympics Madness.

I'm a little lacking in my posts for the past couple of days, but it's honestly been madness in my little world!

The Winter 2010 Olympics are here, and the city is buzzing with an incredible energy that I haven't seen before.

Walking around downtown is such a trip: people from all over the world are here on our streets, speaking in fabulous foreign languages and bringing a bit of Euro style to the table. It's fantastic!

Tonight marks the first major night for events, so I'm just about to get ready for the big Olympics bash at the Opus Hotel, followed by An Awesome Showcase art show at Shine Nightclub. Then it's back to the Opus, I'm sure!

Then there's the Samsung Pavilion and Molson Hockey House media tours tomorrow during the day, followed by the "Confessions" performance -- starring my girl Carla C.! -- tomorrow night.

On Thursday, there's the Oakley media preview at Grouse Mountain, W2 launch and Gibson Guitar party.

Friday brings the Heineken House, then meeting Dean and Dan Caten from DSquared at Holt Renfrew for an event on Saturday evening, followed by possibly the free Califone and Wilco concerts at David Lam Park, which will then be followed by a big gathering of my friends, some of whom have flown in from New York and Pakistan for the Games.

In short, whew!! Oh, and Happy Tuesday, of course!

I pray that I make it through these next few weeks alive.

Haute Hippie


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