Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have discovered the sartorial wonders of ASOS.

Yeah yeah, perhaps I'm a tad behind on this online fashion retailer -- at least behind the Europeans -- but it's never, ever too late when it has to do with new clothes!

The prices are way affordable, and the designs are heavily nfluenced by recent runways. It's like H&M on design steroids.

So when are they opening a brick and mortar?!

Anyway, here are my top three picks from last night at around midnight (yeah, I shouldn't bring my laptop to bed anymore):

A pretty rock-chic look. I'm going to try that sock and bootie thing on myself soon.

I'm waiting to tire of the jumpsuit. It's not happened yet.

Love the puffed sleeves on this one.

I'm Lovin' it: While killing time flipping through new glossies at a bookstore last Friday, I spotted these Fall '09 Kalliste heels in a spread in Another magazine. Holy smokes.

I'm Over it: The countdown is on to someone leaving on a jet plane. Sad face.

Track of the Day: Please carry on the torch of Motown and soul by downloading DJ Muro Presents 45AREpm. It came out in celebration of Staple Design's 10th anniversary, sampling Aretha Franklin, Isaac Hayes, Black Ivory, Bloodstone and Syreeta. Muro recorded the promo using two turntable and vinyl records spun at the incorrect rpm of 45 (normally they're spun at 33rpm). Soul food stuff. Musically speaking.

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