Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy (Halloween) Friday!

Today is start of All Hallow's Eve weekend, and this year is going to be a doozy.

Tonight: House party at Shackenzie's, followed a massive crew of us going to Sander Kleinenberg Celebrities.

Costume: With my girl Aims, we're rocking fashion victim outfits. Think shiny tights, American Apparel headbands, non-prescription glasses all the hipsters are wearing, high heels, fur, trendy bag (mine will be suede brown fringe), leopard print, big belts, tons of statements necklaces, tons of cocktail rings, cigarettes, Jenny Humphrey makeup and a Vogue in hand.

Tomorrow night: My girl Natalia reps Cointreau and is throwing a party at Sanafir, plus the (212) boys are throwing a shaker at their studio.

Costume: My girls Ovitch, Albs, E. and I are going as Ed Hardy, Yaletown girls. So tight leggings, Uggs, Ed Hardy Hats, caked on makeup, press-on nails, Ed Hardy shirts, little toy dogs in logo purses and Starbucks cups in hand.

Pictures to come next week...happy, happy, happy Halloween!

Haute Hippie


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