Thursday, October 29, 2009


I need some color in my life right now on this Thursday full of rain, rain and more rain (and bad beginnings...boooo).

Here are images that are currently brightening up my day.

Taken during a random stop at Urban Outfitters while walking home this week. Bright blue saddle shoes, nice. I like them shelved on top of the classic ones.

Rainbow bright painting.

Lindsay Lohan's not doing much as creative advisor to Ungaro, and she's really quite the trainwreck, but Ellen von Unwerth did take a gorgeous shot of La Lohan, nonetheless.

A Chloe Early painting.

I'm Lovin' it: The delicious hot chocolate from Bean Brothers Cafe Bistro from last night! It had the richest whip cream to ever touch my tongue.

I'm Over it: When you mess up big time on something, and know the only thing you can do is wait, see and hopefully get the chance to fix it. Big sad face.

Track of the Day: Since today hasn't started off the best for me, I need an old school, feel-good jam to get me through until the events blitz begins this evening. How about "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers? Yes, that's the one to listen to right now.

* Photos property of Haute Hippie, Wooster Collective, London Times, Ellen von Unwerth and are used solely for commentary purposes


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