Monday, June 15, 2009

Cut It Out.

When it's undeniably warm out -- as it was on an overnight trip with my girls Berry, Steph A., Ovitch and Saritz this weekend -- the key things to have are a loose and light summer dress, sandals, sunnies, bikinis and a pool (if you can score lounging at one).

I, unfortunately, miscalculated Saturday's heat and very unfortunately wore jeans when I should have been wearing something like this cut-out Lattice Knot Festival Dress from ASOS, which is a sartorial cross section of 60s hippie and Southwest.

Sure, it would look good for traipsing around Coachella or Sasquatch, but it would have looked even better walking through Whistler Village this past Saturday.

I'm Lovin' it: Pharrell Williams and Takashi Murakami joined forces for an art project called "The Simple Things" that unveiled at the recent Art Basel in Switzerland. It was really anything but simple, considering it took two years to complete -- and that the project's objects were bedazzled in 18k gold and precious jewels. Oh, and it sold for $2 million, partial proceeds of which probably most likely went to Williams, who -- in an ironic twist of fate -- is already part of something he dubs "The Billionaire Boys Club", meaning he doesn't need that $2M in his heavily gilded pocket.

I'm Over it: Attempting to reorganize things makes me realize just how disorganized I've been of late.

Music of the Day: Ladyhawke will be on hand tomorrow night for a special show at the showroom/party house of some industry acquaintances. She's probably perform "Paris Is Burning", I betcha, but what I want to hear is "Back of the Van" (for its 80s vibe).

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