Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Friday!

This Friday happens to be gloriously sunshine-y, meaning I wouldn't mind playing outside right now.

I have a sneaking suspicion the whole weekend will be shaping up to be full of sunshines and rainbows, so I'm not too crabby being inside writing at the moment.

Ideally, I'd be sitting outside on some patio with my sunnies perched on my face while typing away, but that sounds a lot like Summer '09, not early Spring '09 (has the hedgehog seen it's shadow yet, anyway?).

I also figured I'd do a little top five list of sorts, perhaps a top five "Things of Interest" for today's TGIF.

And go!

1. One of the most fascinating people in fashion doesn't have the last name Wintour, Testino, Lagerfeld or Jacobs. In fact, this particular person practically owns Lagerfeld and Jacobs: Bernard Arnault. As France's richest man, Arnault -- as most in fashion know -- is the CEO of LVMH or Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, the largest luxury house in the world. The Wall Street Journal wrote a fantastic article on this man's rise to luxury power.

2. Paris Fashion Week is sick. As in the good kind of sick.

3. Sebastien Tellier's album Sexuality needs to be on your iPod. Yes, some of the songs are en francais. He's another show coming into town.

4. Erin Wasson opened for Isabel Marant. Could things get any better?? (Izzy will be getting her own post soon!)

5. There continues to be a proliferation of above-the-knee boots coming off Fall '09 Fashion Week runways, from the very high luxe waders at Prada to the tight versions at Isabel Marant to the super baggy style at Rick Owens.

Well, that's it for today, kiddies.

I'm off for a run, then Davis' birthday festivities, followed by a dance-off somewhere to welcome back our buddy Skirtz, who's home from Sydney for a just a week.

And since I've got Paris on the mind, I'll sign off with a big air-kiss and a hearty aurevoir!

Haute Hippie

* Photos property of Sebastien Tellier, Haute Hippie. and are used solely for commentary purposes


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