Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gene Pool

Working at home can be a big drag sometimes, especially for a people-lover like me.

Being chained to my kitchen counter-slash-makeshift desk is not my idea of the ideal work space day after day (the real desk in my home office is pretty much just storage for my collection of papers and lookbooks), so seeking out new spots to type away my life and people-watch is a past time I seem to have a great love for.

So here's my office for today: Gene on Main Street.

Lots of hipsters doing work here. Long communal wooden table to sit at (along with more segregated ones, where I am currently). Humongous windows. Interesting crowd filtering in and out. Good cappuccino in an espresso-like cup with a teeny-tiny spoon (tres cute). Fast Wi-Fi. Girls with awesome shoes (seen quite a few men's-inspired footwear since 8 am). Tons of colorful scarves (a staple hipster accessory). Shaggy-haired dudes. One spotting of red Wayfarers, despite the gloom and rain. A barista named Gideon.

Hmmmm. I think this may be my new Haute Spot.

* Photo property of Haute Hippie and is used solely for commentary purposes


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