Monday, March 02, 2009

Skye High

Hunting down the perfect new wallet that has me written all over it is one of my biggest fashion priorities right now, because the little green thing I'm currently rocking just isn't cutting it anymore.

Much like how I need my purse to be an extra large (because apparently my whole apartment has to come with me), I need my wallet to be NOT an extra small.

Last Thursday I rejoiced and did a little jig in my head, because I may have found The One.

Apparently CC Skye's Nikki clutch comes in a wallet version. Picture royal blue (like my new Graham & Spencer top) and lots of gold hardware. Thanks to the ladies over at Blubird who are working on my behalf to get one in store!

Not many of the accessories I own can be defined as conventional, and it's not something I want my cash carrier to be, either.

Quirky, cool, unconventional CC Skye -- just how I like it.

I'm Lovin' it: My weekend. Good company, good laughs, good food, good ski and good times. It reinvigorated my soul to get out of the city and onto the hill. There's nothing like mountain air to make you feel brand new again.

I'm Over it: Yikes. Why do I have 400 emails?? This madness has to stop.

Track of the Day: "Lights Out" by We Fell To Earth. Richard File and Wendy Raw Fowler. From California. File had been the replacement to DJ Shadow in UNKLE. Their music intergalactic sounding and really quite riveting.

* Photos property of CC Skye, We Fell To Earth and are used solely for commentary purposes


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