Monday, March 09, 2009

Beth & Jim

Try as I might, it never fails.

I go into our local luxe department store downtown and spend at least 25 minutes flipping through the single (yes, quantity of one) rack of Elizabeth & James located there, taunting me with its masculine-feminine clothes and downtown cool.

I've even gone as far as to try on the brand's deep purple silk shorts jumper, but have restrained myself from trying on the amazing boyfriend blazers, lest I break down and plunk down big money for one in just my size.

As most fashion-heads would know, Elizabeth & James is the first of two fashion labels from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who named this particular line after their lesser-known siblings.

While it's not wise for me to keep visiting that rack downtown, it's a little less treacherous for me visit the E&J website, where the clothes are a little more intangible and a lot less easy to bring to the sales counter.

So here's a peek at what Mary Kate and Ashley have for Fall '09.

I'm Lovin' it: One of my Sweetspot writers, Ish S., made in onto the NYLON magazine blog today, looking oh-so awesome wearing purple denim from Mavi, where my other girlfriend C-Ra does PR!! Double threat, yeah.

I'm Over it: Schizo weather! Can't decide whether I need to be in a one-piece snowsuit or my aviators. Both, perhaps?!

Track of the Day: I'm beyond devastated to be missing The Kills concert this coming May, but beyond happy because it's all for a good cause: one of my best girlfriend Sushi's Hawaii wedding. The show's been sold out already anyway. I'm not going to lie though -- I have a girl crush on singer Alison Mosshart. And I was also hoping, wishing and praying Kate Moss would roll into town with Alison and Jamie (Hince), the latter of which happens to be her boyfriend. Rocking out with Moss backstage would've been killer, no pun intended.

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