Monday, January 05, 2009

Pull On A Cover Up

My girl A-Lice made an interesting Facebook status statement yesterday about fashion going out the window when a snow storm hits.

It was a particularly on-the-mark statement, especially in this city.

When the thermometer hits 32 degrees Fahrenheit, people start throwing on the hoodies and fleeces and other such non-body con apparel that says Fargo more than Lutz & Patmos. What is UP with that?!

Anyway, I try my very darndest not to be a fashion victim during white-out blizzards. As I FB commented in response to Alice's status, I'm still rockin' my cute black flat boots without traction, snow or no snow!

Along with my flat boots, I really really wish I also owned this halter sweater vest and capelet as cover ups.

You know, to keep me a little more toasty warm.

I'm Lovin' it: The guys sitting behind me as I work, talking business and girls. It's hilarious being a fly on the wall of a dude convo. It seems guys give each other pretty lengthy girl advice sometimes, as much as girls give guy advice to one another. Busted!

I'm Over it: Cold Americanos are taste icky. I just tried sipping mine, which has been cooling off for the past three fours hours. My bad.

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