Thursday, December 18, 2008

Waist Not, Want Not

I'm feigning to get my hands on a perfectly perfect waistcoat for my closet.

And I'm thinking these ones from Boy by Band Of Outsiders -- designed by Scott Sternberg -- just might fit the bill.

By the way, isn't Michelle Williams adorable posing in the polaroid look book shots??

Click through on the link above to see them pretty pictures.

I'm Lovin' it: Oh my god. This Alexis Bittar Vermeil Sculpted Ring...I have no words...

I'm Lovin' it, Part Deux: The massive snowball fight that occurred walking with the crew from Uva Wine Bar to Section (3) last night. A big thanks to Luker (the guy pointing at you below) for picking me up and sitting me down on a newspaper dispenser topped with snow, which made my clothes massively wet. I get it, so I face washed you first. But I also face washed you last post-newspaper dispenser, so there. Said face washing should be allowed on my part, since unceremoniously I got hit in the face by Will-ber (accidentally, so he claims) with a massive ball. Of snow, people, of snow!

I'm Over it: Sitting on the fence about one thing or the other (there I go again!) is not the best position to put yourself in. And that happens to be my current position. What to do?

Track of the Day: Two songs came on today that I completely forgot about -- and really shouldn't have. Here's Alex Boom Selector by Velella Velella out of Seattle and Up In The Clock Tower by The Photographic. Just awesome.

* Photos property of,,,, Luke Aulin and are used solely for commentary purposes


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