Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Original VRBF Crew...

...back again!

It's unbelievably nice to have K-Dizzle and Oli back in the fold again. Team 1059 is back.

First order of business: A night of VRBF and hookah on Friday (that's melon tobacco packed in the pipe, yummy!).

Second order of business: Two Christmas shakers in one night yesterday, complete with some of the boys showing up to the second soiree as the striped shirt brigade. Or in button-up shirts under sweaters. Fellas don't have much choice when it comes to fashion sometimes, do they?

Third order of business: Scored those fabulous boots I saw on that post from Betty Autier of Le Blog de Betty (in Paris) at Zara yesterday. Remember me obsessing over them and not knowing where they were from? Lady Luck was on my side yesterday when I walked into the second floor of the store (where the better choices are, in my opinion). And said boots were on sale for $69.95, way down from the original price tag. Merry Christmas to me!!

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