Monday, December 15, 2008

Lanvin's Got Acne

No one's likes getting acne, unless it's that super-cool, uber-hip kind from Sweden.

I'm speaking of Acne, which stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions, not those horrific, bumps that show up on your face during times of stress and take you back into the worst aesthetic memories of adolescence.

Very recently, the Swedish brand teamed up with Alber Elbaz of Lanvin to help launch his first denim collection, which officially dropped to the fashion set and public last week.

See below.

It's the kind of jeans I'd like to find under the Christmas tree, all wrapped up in a luscious, gigantic Lanvin bow.

I'm Lovin' it: Hi, Prada watch phone.

I'm Over it: What is with me and technology today?! First, the treadmill at the gym doesn't work on me. Then my iPod Nano froze as I got onto the elliptical instead. And then, as a result of the Nano freezing, I decided to finally sync my iPhone with my iTunes library and -- excuse my French -- totally fucked it up. I was forced to come to the Mac store downtown to seek help getting my Apple gadgets back to equilibrium. So now I'm totally being a nerd at the Mac store, working away while waiting for my iPhone to restore and back up. Yay. Thanks to Mac dude, Camilo, who not only saved my Apple life, but also happens to be the cutest blonde-haired, green-eyed mix of Australian and Mexican with a hybrid accent that oddly sounds Norwegian or Dutch...

Album of the Day: As a musical gift to myself for being such a good girl lately (I think), I purchased myself The Teenagers album "Reality Check" yesterday. Good stuff. Especially track six, "Make It Happen".

Track of the Day: There's a track by Jurassic 5, from their "Feedback" album, that I heard it while perusing the WeSc stuff at Underworld yesterday. The chica there said it was from "Feedback", so let me do a little investigating and dig it up for y'alls.

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