Monday, November 17, 2008

A Token Of Bond's Affection

Of all cult perfume brands, Bond No. 9 sits at the top of my olfactory list.

My bottle of Scent of Peace is still encased safely in the beautiful light purple it came in -- after every spritz, I lovingly (and very carefully) put it back into its uber-chic resting place.

The only complaint I have is not being able to carry Scent of Peace everywhere with me (despite my rather enormous black fringe bag that spends its life as my daytime accomplice in work and play).

Then Bond No. 9 came and saved the day.

For Holiday '08, Bond No. 9 is releasing the circular, gold "Perfume Token" in six signature fragrances: Scent of Peace, Wall Street, Nuits de Noho, Chelsea Flowers and Andy Warhol Union Square for Holiday '08 ($85). Not only does the token come snugly in a white leather zipper case, it is also refillable.

Chic -- and reusable, too! Perfect for the recessionista out there.

Which would be definitely be me.

I'm Lovin' it: I think these kind of pictorial equations are the best way to explain the M.O. and sound of a band or music artist, no? People are visual creatures, after all.

I'm Over it: Plans to Roma to meet Big Brother K, Nate, Nades and TC are not working out. As of yet. Sigh. Don't think they're going to pan out anyway.

Music of the Day: The M83 concert is coming up, which means I had to take a listen to the opening band on MySpace Music to see if going earlier to the show is worth it or not. Turns out it is. Love the psychedelic-ness of School of Seven Bells. Oh, they're from Brooklyn. And of course they are, anyway. Aren't all the good bands these days?? Check out "Half Asleep" below.

* Photo provided by Sophia Panych of Bond No.9, and are used solely for commentary purposes


Anonymous Chris M said...

I've been addicted to School of Seven Bells ever since the M83 concert. A hyrbrid of Cocteau Twins and Siousxie and the Banshees. Makes me think of the movie 'Hackers' for some reason. Just feels like a nice musical throwback to the goodness of the 90's.

11:01 PM  

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