Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cape Fear

The McQ by Alexander McQueen Cape I bought last Christmas is still sitting in the back of my closet, the victim of my own fear of getting its creamy color dirty by taking it outside.

A silly fear, yes. Which is why I'm seriously considering bringing it out tomorrow.

I'm enamored with cape jackets -- I think they're quite classy and chic when worn right.

Not that I need another one to coddle and protect, but this Loeffler Randall Boyfriend Cape -- which you can get from Otte in New York -- is a lot more wearable day to day than my McQ.

It probably won't keep anyone warm during the winter, since its function is more like a blazer than a peacoat, but who really needs two completely practical cape coats anyway?

I'm Lovin' it: This bag is heaven. Just look at the beautiful rope straps. Spotted it today. Stella McCartney, I believe.

I'm Over it: The hockey game yesterday turned into quite the night. My body hurts. That big, um, beverage spill below in the front row of the box last night? Hmmmm. That just may have been me.

Art of the Day: I discovered the wickedest art gallery in my city with friends the other night. Everyone, meet the Ayden Art Gallery and its many rad pieces of work.

* Photos property of Otte, Haute Hippie and are used solely for commentary purposes


Blogger agata said...

i love that gallery! it's in tinseltown right??

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