Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lombard Me With More Shoes!

Hunting and gathering is so neanderthal.

Unless it has to do with fashion, because I'm currently hunting to gather these Sam Edelman Lombard Booties that I spotted last weekend at Urban Outfitters. They did have a size 6, but it just happened to be way too big for me. I mean, why have a peep-toe if the shoes are too big to see your toe, anyway?

Hello, midget feet. Looks like I need a size cinco (that's size 5, yo).

Hunt, gather, wear.

I'm Lovin' it: Oh boy. Not another pair of shoes to love. Hello, Colonial Madness Cutout Boot. Also from Urban Outfitters. It was a UO kind of weekend, apparently.

I'm Over it: The wind literally bent my umbrella out of shape while I walked back to my apartment from the Spring '09 Converse preview. I had to bend metal back so that the damn thing would close. Uh, Rosie the Riveter I am not.

Music of the Day: I love electronica. I love hip hop. That's why I love Keys N Krates, a two-man group (comprising of DJ Jr. Flo and Matisse) that mix the two. Check out their live remix of Daft Punk below.

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