Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dress Mess

I went to the re-opening of BCBG's store in town last night, which is now newly renovated and looking pretty good.

After hugging my friend Reebs from FASHION and her staff writer Elisa (their mag was the night's sponsor) and catching up with an old friend/internship mentor from LA who is now a special events manager at BCBG (she flew in for the event), I booked it upstairs with my girl Aims to gawk at a short, cream strapless dress with chiffon ruffles that I -- the week prior -- decided should be my wedding dress.

The reasoning for a short dress? I've been totally inspired by that short, ruffled Lanvin number Carrie wore in the Vogue wedding dress shoot scene during the Sex and the City movie.

And I'm thinking bare-legged with awesome gold gladiator heels to go it with.

Please don't ask me why I'm thinking about wedding dresses, considering my current (and technical) "me, myself & I" status.

Anyway, I tried on the very pretty frock after some convincing from an adorable BCBG lady.

The ruffles unfortunately made me look way hippy-er than I'd want on my wedding day, so back on the rack the dress went, but here are some website images of it for your viewing pleasure.

I'm Lovin' it: I spent a good amount of time yesterday mixing and matching outfits on illustrator J. David McKenney's Dress Me Up Retro Dolls section on his site. Check out the 70s chica below I dressed below -- she has a waaaay better outfit on than me right now.

I'm Over it: At the BCBG event last night, I swear the event photographer was hell bent on catching me in the most unflattering poses if all time. Then I was handed a card with the website they'll be going up on this November 7. Can't wait till those to go public.

Track of the Day: "Impossible" by the Shout Out Louds. I was obsessed with this band's track "Tonight I Have To Leave It", so it was high time to get obsessed with something else from their song portfolio.

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