Thursday, September 25, 2008

Laptop Chic

My precious MacBook is having its first birthday at the end of December, and let me tell you, he's been through a lot already.

I'm talking daily blogs, articles, deadlines, constant Facebook checks, switching between screens and, unfortunately, enduring two cracks as the result of a nomadic lifestyle, coffee shop-hopping for free Wi-Fi.

My green Boden bag just won't do anymore since it lacks major padding, so I found something even better: Tom Ford's computer bag.

It's chic and black, with padded compartments to store various accessories, though it won't fit your studded Gucci heels (sorry). The lock is based on the shape of a lighter, too. How very...boy's club of TF.

This is how I imagine my conversation with Tom Ford going down in regard to my laptop:

Me: Hi, Tom. I'd love for you to meet my cracked Mac. Oh, what? Er, yes, that most certainly is a surf decal and that most definitely is sticker that says, "Partypants!" covering said cracks.

Tom: Ew.

So in order to avoid such a nightmare, I should probably make my way down to the nearest Tom Ford store.

And I just might have to take a deep breath, swipe that plastic and know my blogging will be that much better because of it.

I'm Lovin' it: This silk jacket from DSquared2's Spring '09 collection in Milan. In the famous words of Carrie Bradshaw: Hello, lover!

I'm Over it: Where has the day gone?? Is it seriously almost 4 pm already?

I'm Over it, Part Deux: Why, oh why, can't I find three tickets on Craigslist for the upcoming Cut Copy show? The number of "wanted" vs. "available" tickets is like 20 to 1 or something completely ridiculous like that. Scalper time.

Track of the Day: I walked into Urban Outfitters yesterday to see if, by chance, someone returned their BDG jacket -- you know, the one I wanted so badly -- and instead got barraged by a few really great tracks. I did my best to remember the lyrics so I could google them later but, of course, totally forgot them upon exit. So instead, here's the Fiascos Chunkafunk remix of "Breathe You In" by Samantha James. It's a Blenz music special.

And here's the original, too, which is equally good.

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