Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Give Me Guinness

Daphne Guinness is that beautiful, skunk stripe-coiffed, couture-crazy heiress to the Guinness beer empire.

She stuns her way through social events from London to New York, wearing the very best of Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and towering shoes from companies that make heels for hookers.

Steven Klein, who is hot and fresh off his statement "Black Issue" shoot for Vogue Italia, photographed Guinness for a "Future Couture" supplement that comes with the magazine's new issue. I think the image of her looking very Gwen Stefani-esque with arms crossed wearing a diamante-encrusted eyepatch looks amazing.

So she's not Sasha or Coco, but Daphne sure strikes a pose with the best of them.

I'm Lovin' it: A snippet I read in the latest issue of Wired that GD lent me about how nice, little demure Japanese girls go from eight-hour school or work days to nights wearing french maid, dominatrix and all other kinds of crazy ensembles. Because these double-life ladies have no place to change, COS-Pa is a company that rents out little rooms for $6 for 30 minutes, providing in return a space to switch outfits, put on provided beauty products, check email on Wi-Fi and drink a non-alcoholic beverage. Sneaky. Those Japanese think of everything, don't they?

I'm Over it: My addiction to the new HBO series "True Blood", which centers around the romance between a mortal named Sookie Stackhouse who can hear people's thoughts (Anna Paquin) and a vampire named Bill Compton. Yeah, you read right -- the vamp's name is Bill. Anyway, the ficitonal Louisiana backwater town is just so creepy and, for some reason, I can't tear myself away from the show, which I can imagine a few people might think is actually really terrible. GP, folks. Guilty pleasure.

I'm Over it, Part Deux: I really, really love those Naked and Bolthouse Farms green juices, you know, the ones packed with nutrients and vitamins and veggies and fruits and all that good stuff. But the price of just one bottle?? Yikes, yo.

Music of the Day: Oh. My. God. I have so much good music to post, but one at a time. For now, let's start with anything remixed by CFCF. At the moment, I can't stop myself from playing his version of Sally Shapiro's "Time To Let Go". There isn't a YouTube video of this remix track, so instead check out the CFCF remix of Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." below.

* Photos property of Fashion Week Daily, Vogue Italia and are used solely for commentary purposes


Blogger Anonymous. said...

Um let me tell you.

I'm completely obsessed with True Blood.

What ch. is HBO?

10:51 PM  
Blogger agata said...

may may! i was addicted to those bolthouse green smoothies last year at art school. who cares about the price?! they are freakinĀ“ fabulous!!! xoxo, aggs

1:26 PM  

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