Friday, September 12, 2008

Nothing Wrong With A Little Posen

It's true.

I love fashion so much, it just HAS to be encoded in my DNA. Honestly, I must be made up of DKNY chromosomes or something.

There have been many moments in my career of viewing pretty clothing when a dress or a shoe or a bag or a ruffle has taken my breath away, where deep down inside I feel an odd familiarity to a collection. It's inexplicable, really.

That happened today to me today while taking a peek at Zac Posen's Spring '09 showing.

Everything from the puffed-up hairdos to the metallic lilac lip color to the clothing to the shoulder-grazing earrings -- it made my heart skip a beat. Numerous times.

And I swear, it wasn't heartburn.

I'm Lovin' it: Everything Melanie Huynh wears. Huynh is an assistant stylist at French Vogue, and like I just told my girl Aims, I wish I had a fraction, a sliver or an atom of her style. And closet.

I'm Over it: My lower back has been way too sore for my liking over the past few days. An educated guess from me would pinpoint the culprit as improper office seating, which usually consists of a stool at the coffee shop or a stool at the marble counter in my apartment. Talk about no back support.

Art of the Day: Stickmen always make me laugh for some reason. Even better is a street art stencil man erasing a graffiti stickman.

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