Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Principles of Pleasure

Are you kidding me??

This rectangular jersey cape with hood and patch pockets in smoky grey from Pleasure Principle is about the hottest thing ever.

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it's hot, though, because Oak is all sold clean out of it.


I'm Lovin' it: Discovering hole-in-the-wall eateries. Yesterday, GD and I had dinner at a little nondescript place on Davie called El Taco, which neither of us had been to before and where we proceeded to eat the best shrimp and cilantro pesto baked quesadillas with baked beans, Mexican rice and green tomatillo sauce. Yum. This was followed by ice cream from Marble Slab on Denman (bananas foster in a Skor waffle bowl for me, raspberry cheesecake in a Butterfinger waffle cone for him) and a viewing of a gorgeous English Bay sunset (swirls of thin, wispy clouds against a red sky). Long live quesadilla and ice cream combos. I could've done without the sugar coma that followed, though. Oh, the price you pay for good food, good dessert, a good sunset, good company and a few impressively good jokes...

I'm Over it: My new bondage heels sure look great, I can't deny that one. Plus, they're so very comfortable for heels, which -- trust me -- is not something that happens often. So what's the problem, then? The back zippers give me really terrible blisters behind my ankles. Nothing is ever perfect, is it?

Track of the Day: I was all over Passion Pit's track "Sleepyheads" a few weeks ago. I'm still pretty into the song, though it's always super fresh when someone remixes it. This awesome music site I subscribe to called Rcrd Lbl -- which gives out free MP3 downloads -- informed me via e-blast that Landau did something called the "Wake Up" Remix of this track. Good stuff.

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