Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Color Me Happy

I really love the pops of bright color against more neutral backgrounds in these two pieces I've come across recently -- one is graphic art, the other a photograph.

The first is from a Russian graphic artist named Danil Kryvoruchko.

The second is from Phil Clarke-Hill, who shot shoe-shine boys in Bolivia for an art and social commentary exhibition called "Lustrabotas".

I'm Lovin' it: This shot of photographer Terry Richardson and Barack Obama. Man, Obama is such a rock star.

I'm Over it: Timing. Bad.

Track of the Day: The Teenagers' remix of Vampire Weekend's Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa. Listen to it via Hipster Runoff at your leisure.

* Photos property of Kanye West, Phil Clarke-Hill, and are used solely for commentary purposes


Blogger Anonymous. said...

I love Terry and his work. So inspiring.

12:53 AM  

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