Thursday, October 12, 2006

Babbling Brooks

For forever and a day, I've pondered the origins of Hed Kandi CD artwork. Glossy, high fashion art full of oomph, sex, beautiful people and ultimate hedonism.

And I've finally found the artist in question : Jason Brooks.

A graduate of St. Martins in London, he began as a freelancing illustrator, won a few major illustration awards, and quickly got snapped up by hip companies and publications for his glamorous work -- among them Visionaire, Max, Vogue, Elle, Nike, Coca-Cola, Mikimoto, this list goes on. Interiors, lifestyle, fashion, name it, the dude draws it.

Christmas is coming and the goose may be getting fat, but anyone of these I'm hoping will be sitting in my Christmas hat (okay, stocking but hat just rhymed, sorry for trying!).

PS. One of his illustrations happens to be my MySpace background and basically, it's dope. Twenty bucks says you can't find me.

Did I mention I love Jason Brooks?! Oh yeah. I did.

* Photos propert of and


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