Saturday, October 07, 2006

These (Vintage) Boots Are Made For Walking

Boy, am I glad it's fall.

And boy was I mistaken that the fall season in Southern California is does not nearly rival that of Vancouver.

Yes, folks. I was able to break out my burgundy red vintage boots-over-tight dark denim look yesterday. It may be a tired look to some, but I just can't wriggle out of the trend yet.

My poor little boots were just waitin' to bust out of the closet. It was quite a successful first day of the season!

I'm Lovin' it: Finding a long-lost cousin of mine on...where else? MySpace. Gotta love family reunions via internet.

I'm Over it: The long line at Nicky's in Venice. Looked cool from the outside though, but never quite made it in. Props to the packed World Cafe patio for making up for it. Oh yeah, and the $5 mojitos -- where the cheap price was the only good thing about it.

Album of the Day: This wicked awesome CD mix I got as a thank-you-for-coming gift at the Kii Arens art exhibition at Munky King. You got some soul jams, Lady Soverign and a bunch of indie bands. I should copy the CDs and sell it for profit. I'd make a killing on Melrose, yo.


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