Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hatin' On Kate

No, not Kate Hudson for being all scandalous and messing around with Owen Wilson.

In fact, I think they're SUCH an adorable couple. Chris Robinson...ew.

I'm hating on Kate Moss because she can wear skinny jeans -- and every goddamn other thing in the fashion world -- better than I can. Not too long ago my friend (who's a petite yet curvy Colombian) and I decided to try on skinny bad boys. Verdict? If you're not pencil thin with a flat ass and no hips, you will look significantly horrible, a definite Glamour Don't. For those that know me, I'm not big at all, but I will confess to a slight ass -- but it's not tabletop or bootylicious, that's for sure! Alas, not every fashionista can jump on every trend out there.

Well, as long as I can wear anything from the recent Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2007 collection (which was so beautiful in it's modern simplicity and muted pastel tones) or any of the following outfits, I'll be just fine.

PS. Can Karl Lagerfeld ever do anything wrong with his designs?? Uh, no. And for those who can't tell, the images go from Chanel to Bottega.

I'm Lovin' it: Hometown visitors! You rock, Mackenzie. Next up: Steph (aka. Ovitch) on October 19th. Love giving the tour! Oh, and my new Sebastian shaper hairspray from Longs Drugs. It cost me nearly $20 but my hair is so bouncy and beautiful these days. It's allllll worth it, my good people.

I'm Over it: My cotton just-below the knee leggings. I need to get longer lyra ones from Spanx for the chillier weather (yes, Los Angeles is gettin' freakin' cold out). And also because longer leggings are so much more chic and mature looking (mature -- aka. five years away from turning 30)

Track of the Day: "Never Mind Boys" by 19 New Project. This electronica, new wave-ish group from Paris, France will have you busting the robot Mitsubishi commercial-styles.

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