Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Event-ful Night

Tonight is an important one.

My company TP&C -- go try figuring that one out, y'all! -- is hosting a big event at one of our client's Los Angeles flagship boutique on Rodeo Drive. This means one thing: high stress for all involved.

There's going to be great music (thanks to the DJ Tony O. who regularly spins the jams for Ellen G. show), yummy nibbles (thanks to David S.) and good company -- all going toward a fantastic non-profit organization.

Music, food, socio-generosity, and friends. Sounds like a friggin' great night to me, no?

I'm Lovin' it: My boss just bought the cutest "Dacey" linen flat peeptoe ballet flats from Banana Republic that are an absolute must for any spring/summer outfits. And $78 is a fabulous investment for an entire warm season...and next year's.

I'm Over it: Steve-O of Jackass fame. He's such a fool and complete a waste of periodic elements that could possibly make up a nice, sane person. But Wee Man (nee Jason) the midget -- who my friend E. and I had the pleasure of meeting over the weekend -- is a pretty pleasant fella. But just a little bit short for our taste.

Artist of the Day: I'm giving my sister props for introducing me to Her Space Holiday (headed up by Marc Bianchi), who I am now completely hooked on. Check out "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" and "Japanese Gum" from HSH's last record Young Machines. Guaranteed after you hear them, you'll be on eBay trying to bid on all the Her Space Holiday albums available. You just have to outbid me first.


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