Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Technology is fashionable. iPod minis with protective covers created by uber-designers, rhinestone Sidekicks, ROKRs, and pink RAZRs (only available to worthy starlets, like Nicole Richie).

So you can imagine my excitement to find out my l'il sister's friend -- an up and coming rapper just signed to Universal -- is selling his sleek, coveted black RAZR for a mere $75. And if the sister passes on that offer, you know it's gonna be sold. To me.

It'll be mine, all mine. Take that, all y'all eBay-ing fools!

I'm Lovin it: Nigel Barker, photog extraordinaire on America's Next Top Model. One of the only hot men in fashion who doesn't prefer it raining men. Alexi Lubomirski, the gorgeous assistant to Mario Testino and other half of supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler, is an extremely close second. Extremely.

I'm Over it: Those creepy Theraflu commercials. As a result, I'll stick to NeoCitrin, thank you very much.

Track Classic of the Day: "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Tony Tone Toni (is that the right order??). I remember feeling so rebellious and kinky listening to this way back when. If I only knew...


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