Monday, December 20, 2010

Jelly Belly.

It always makes me stop and think in wonderment when unrelated things in your life are somehow reflected in each other later down the line, no matter how small or big.

For example, I went to a fun food and wine tasting with a friend at the Aquarium a few months ago and was taken aback with how stunning the jellyfish tank looked: bright blue tank, pale white Medusozoa (that's the scientific name for you all, acoording to Wikipedia!).

So, naturally, I took pictures to remember the moment by.

Then a few weeks ago, I took a minute or 30 to peruse The Mixtape Club—one of my go-to music sites—and discovered one of my favorite mixers made a new tape called 21 Hayes for everyone to enjoy.

And her album cover looked had a very familiar look.

Didn't think I was ready for that jelly.

I'm Lovin' it: Home in California for the holidays. Currently at ma and pa's place. It's 4pm, and I'm still in my pajamas. YES.

I'm Over it: Did I bring rainshowers with me to California?! It's storming out. Big time.

Track of the Day: Rainy days call for Frank Sinatra. "One for My Baby" is my all-time favorite of Ol' Blue Eyes. That piano is, as Frank says in the song, so easy and sad.

* Photos property of May Globus, Marion Chiao and are solely for commentary purposes


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