Monday, December 13, 2010

Black and Brown All Over.

It's Pre-Fall 2011 season, and Ports 1961 is doing it right.

I was drawn to what initially looked like a mottled chambray denim colour (paired with brown knits and tights), but upon inspection right now, it looks like a fine print.

Tia Cibani, who was creative director at the label for seven years, recently stepped down to make way for her big sister Fiona to take the reigns.

So this here is Fiona's second showing—the closing royal blue down is a stunner, too. Oh hi, Kate Middleton?

Not bad, Big Sis, not bad.

I'm Lovin' it: The girls. Movie night. Black Swan.

I'm Over it: Airplane tickets.

Track of the Day: "Black Cow" by Steely Dan. There's a hip hop that samples this, and I can't for the LIFE of me remember who does it. Aaaaaaaagh. Anyone?

* Photos property of Ports 1961, and are used solely for commentary purposes


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