Monday, October 04, 2010

Ring the Bell for Isabel.

Every round of Fashion Week, the collection I look forward to seeing each time is Isabel Marant.

It's not because Marant is particularly artistic in her sartorial skills -- like a Martin Margiela or a John Galliano -- but because everything she creates you want so, so badly to have in your closet. I'm fairly certain every editor of importance and every photo-blogged cool girl out there possesses those slouchy boots from last season (which reappeared again this season).

What I love about the Spring 2011 collection is the mixing of feminine bohemian chic (short layered skirts and lace) with sporty, boyish pieces (rugby shirts and sweatshirts). By the end, I felt as if Marant's girl of Spring '11 wore her cutest outfit to her varsity athlete of a boyfriend's house, only to stumble home the next morning in his team shirt over it, too.

And that bright blue sequined vest peeking out from underneath a black jacket over cropped white pants?

Chalk it up to incredible styling, because I paused on that image awhile before going to the next (despite the ensemble's overall simplicity). And chalk it up to that French je ne sais quoi, too.

Miss Marant: you've given me a lot to forward to next season.

Haute Hippie

I'm Lovin' it: The green is just so wonderfully green in this Spring '11 outing from Celine's Phoebe Philo.

I'm Over it: Got into my gym clothes early this morning, with every intention of hitting cardio and weights. Still in my gym clothes, without having yet hit cardio and weights.

Music of the Day: In my weekly quest to find more and more good online radio stations, I have somehow managed to foolishly overlook Red Bull Music Academy Radio, where you can stream anything from soul & funk to jazz to electronic to dubstep to house & disco. Silly, silly me...

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