Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy Friday! It's Chilly Out.

Canadian-born, Paris-based musician and producer Chilly Gonzales (or just Gonzales sometimes) is dropping his Boyz Noise-produced new album Ivory Tower, which also serves as the soundtrack to his new film of the same name, starring himself, rapper Tiga and singer Peaches.

His electro albums are amazing, but what's really amazing is that he's a phenomenally gifted pianist with a knack for being an MC (he's part of Berlin-based hip hop group Puppetmastaz, ja). The first track "Knight Moves" off the new album is particularly killer.

Ivory Tower (the film) -- directed by Adam Traynor -- is a battle between Gonzales and Tiga, who play two brothers and chess champs vying for the affections of Marsha, played by Peaches. And the film trailer also doubles as a music video for the track "I Am Europe". So cool.

Check mate, Gonzales.

Happy Friday!

Haute Hippie


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