Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eco Fashion Week!

I can barely keep my schedule together this week, what with Eco Fashion Week debuting in town amongst all other events.

It's been exciting, not only having someone like Myriam Laroche and her unstoppable team at the helm of EFW, but having the opportunity to see people like WGSN's Carly Stojsic speak about eco as a movement and not a trend, Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Andrew Weaver educate fashion folk on climate change and to witness the incredible, granola stigma-smashing designs coming down the runway from Nicole Bridger, Lara Presber, Kim Cathers of Kdon, Nixxi, Lav & Kush and more.

Gisele Bundchen also come on board with EFW, designing the Sigg water bottle being given out during the events, which will also be sold at all Aveda Institutes across the country.

And it's also been exciting having some of the first-year fashion students I spoke to about the fashion writing industry a few weeks ago come up to me to say thank you for the talk I gave them. It sure makes what I do that much more worthwhile, knowing I can inspire or help those breaking into their fledgling careers.

Must dash, but look out for the post I'm writing for Flare Magazine on Eco Fashion Week this Friday!

Haute Hippie


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