Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy Friday! I Got Flare.

I was asked by a very lovely gal from a certain very successful local company to submit some of my goals a few months ago.

So I spent an afternoon nerd-ing out on Pages, creating a simple layout of my long-term and short-term professional and personal goals with Cracked font and little images. One of my goals?

"To contribute to at least one major magazine (number one choice: NYLON magazine)".

After some very serendipitous timing and separate referrals made by two industry colleagues of mine without my knowledge, I got the chance to cover Eco Fashion Week for Flare magazine online.

And just like that, one goal was (semi) down!

I'm coming for you next, NYLON magazine...

Happy Friday!

Haute Hippie

I'm Lovin' it: Prophetik. Tennessee-based designer Jeff Garner's civil war-inspired collection for his sustainable clothing brand was a stunning finish to Eco Fashion Week.

I'm Over it: Finally getting to bed at 5am last night, after wittling, er, writing away a deadline.

Music of the Day: Marion Chiao's 'Eyes Shout' mix from The Mixtape Club. She blends CocoRosie into Bonobo. Ingenious.

* Photos property of Patrick Parenteau, Peter Holst and are used solely for commentary purposes


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