Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NYFW, Spring 2011: What's Up, Bra?!

I recently saw a shot of model and photo-blogger Hanneli Mustaparta wearing overalls with nothing but a white Alexander Wang bra underneath.

The gazelle that she is, of course Hanneli looked stunning.

Then I began sifting through images of the initial collections at NYFW, where the exposed bra (mostly halter or bandeau) seemed to be popping up in collections across the Lincoln Centre. The look is more sporty, than trampy, though.

I've been known to wear an exposed black bra strap or two under a tank, but I'm not sure I can do the full meal exposure deal.

These models, like Hanneli, look amazing. But they're paid to be amazing, right?

I'm Lovin' it: Same prints on the top and bottom, but in different colors. Love!

I'm Over it: Tom Ford is being so secretive about his new womenswear collection. The suspense is killing me. And all I have to get my through until images are officially released are these illustrations, courtesy of The Cut.

Track of the Day: "Crave You ft. Giselle" by Flight Facilities. They're from Australia, which accounts for this song's danceable catchiness.

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