Monday, May 17, 2010

Mos Dub.

My buddy Arooparoop sent an email to a group of us with a link to the new Mos Dub mixtape by Max Tannone and note saying:

"This works...enjoy."

I didn't have time to click on the link for a listen at the time, but over the weekend I picked up the latest issue of Vice Magazine, which had this compelling review on Mos Dub by a critic named Fellatio Keyes:

"You know what the world doesn't really need? A bunch of songs that mash up the black guy from Be Kind Rewind with dub. Max Tannone's the one-man gimmick machine behind the supremely lame and tame Jaydiohead remixes. With this new release, he vanquishes all doubt and proves his disdain for awesome, interesting music by embracing mediocrity like it's a lifestyle choice. Sometimes it's like these crappy mash-up DJs are hell-bent on making every sound wave on the planet supremely boring."

Piqued by such abrasive words, I came home, finally clicked on the link sent by Arooparoop and decided that, yes, it works for the most part (in that "oh, this is sorta different" way).

Plus can you really trust the review of a music critic named Fellatio Keyes? Clever name, though.


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