Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Limbo.

The month of May in this fair city of mine is a time of uncertainty when it comes to attire.

It's that limbo stage (both weather and sartorially-speaking), at time when Monday will downpour, Tuesday will be sunny, Wednesday will be windy, Thursday will be all three and the weekend is an annoying climate guessing game (the reliability of the Weather Network on Channel 18 is about, oh, nil).

For example, this morning I left my place to have a work session with my girl Berry wearing a sweatshirt dress with short sleeves over short leggings with my white oxfords. The short sleeves and short leggings were for ventilation purposes as it was sunny, but the sweatshirt material and closed-toe shoes were because I wasn't quite sure how finicky the weather gods were going to be.

Just as I thought, the weather gods changed their minds. It's now cloudy AND windy.

This is a longwinded way of saying that everyone should have an appropriate (yet light) cover up to throw on or take off during this weather-mutable month, like this Fairground Cotton Crochet Hooded Cardigan from Asos or this Fringed Festival Cardigan, also from Asos.

I'm also digging this Rad by Rad Hourani Black Jersey Cardigan.

Talk about the perfect cover up.

I'm Lovin' it: The concert list of bands coming into town: Local Natives, LCD Soundsystem, The National, Caribou, Broken Social Scene, Broken Bells and Vampire Weekend with Beach House. Yeeeeeeeeeees.

I'm Over it: Went to pump gas into my car today and got a little on my shoe. My car now stinks like ethanol. Not a good thing.

Track of the Day: "Shadow People" by Dr. Dog. Just some good and basic guitar, drums and vocals. Reminds me of Joel Plaskett, and that's a good thing.

Dr Dog - Shadow People - Funny bloopers R us

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